Bank account holder? Alert! Top 6 things that you absolutely must never do on your mobile phone!

Bank account holder? Alert! Top 6 things that you absolutely must never do on your mobile phone!

Growing dependency on digital banking has made its way into people’s daily routine. The increasing number of smartphones users and internet coverage has compelled users to consume banking services on internet too. Though internet has made lives of people much easier and convenient, tech revolution has also brought in a dark side with it – hackers intent on stealing your money. Their jobs become easier as sometimes, people forget to use safety measures while carrying out online banking.

The dangers are many where bank account holders can be cheated of their hard-earned money, but there is no choice as the future is solely going to be digital banking. Yes, the death knell of manual, face-to-face banking is already sounding loud and clear. However the good news is that it is possible to remain safe on internet while using banking services. Net banking services of the banks are highly safe and are not easily vulnerable to hacking activities. Also, following the tips below can keep you safe from any kind of unwanted activity or cyber crime. There are certain tips which can keep bank account holders safe during sending or receiving money in your account and we list them below:

What bank account holders must never do:

1. Do not share your banking passwords or store them in your mobile handset.
2. Do not share your other sensitive financial details on call such as UPI PIN / MPIN, Debit / Credit Card, CVV, expiry date, OTP, ATM PIN, bank account details, etc.
3. Don’t allow a stranger to guide you to install a mobile app through App Store / Play store, or instruct you to change a setting of your mobile.
4. Do not rely on customer service numbers of various merchants / entities / banks etc. retrieved via Google search, since they can be fake.
5. Do not forward any unsolicited SMS received on a request of so called representative from a tech company/ bank.
6. Do not carelessly share your private details such as mobile number, address, DOB, identity details, etc. on the social forums.

How bank account holders can keep their money safe:

1. Be alert to fraudulent calls (vishing) that ask you to download third party apps or share confidential information (disconnect such calls immediately).
2. In case you have already downloaded any remote access app and it is no longer required, uninstall it.
3. Please enable app-lock on your payment or mobile banking related apps.
4. Report any suspicious activity in your bank account at the nearest Bank Branch or authorized customer care phone number. The sooner you do it the better as any delay in reporting this fraud can lead you to permanently lose your money.