PAN card misplaced? A step-wise process to apply for duplicate PAN

PAN card misplaced? A step-wise process to apply for duplicate PAN

New Delhi: Permanent Account Number (PAN) is among important identification and financial documents. From opening a bank account, filing tax, booking tickets, to many other financial transactions, PAN is required. Apart from these, if you are purchasing anything worth over Rs 50,000, then PAN is mandatory.

In case you have misplaced or lost your PAN, you can order a reprint for just Rs 50. Income tax department issues PAN through two agencies UTIITSL and NSDL-TIN. In order to apply for a duplicate or reprint PAN, you need to download a duplicate PAN Card application form.

 In order to get a duplicate PAN you will need the following documents–1. Self-attested copy of PAN Card or PAN Allotment Letter
2. Self-attested identity proof
3. Self-attested address proof
3. Self-attested date of birth proof

1SectionA step-wise guide to get a duplicate PAN card online

STEP 1Visit TIN-NSDL website

Go to to initiate changes or corrections in your PAN details.

STEP 2Fill up the form

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and from “Apply for Changes Or Correction in PAN Data (for DSC users)”, select ‘Individual’ option. Fill all the fields in the form but make sure to not tick on any box given on the left margin. Fill all details like PAN, full name, parents names, address for communication, date of birth, Aadhaar No, email id, contact details etc.

STEP 3 Make payment

Make the payment and submit the form. Once the payment is successful, the form will be submitted along with the required supporting documents and a proof of the pre-owned card which has to be reprinted

STEP 4You will receive acknowledgement slip

After successful submission, you will receive an acknowledgement slip that contains a 15-digit acknowledgement number which can be used to track the status of the PAN application.

STEP 5Print the acknowledgement slip

Print the acknowledgment slip, sign it and affix a photograph. Mail it to the NSDL Office along with the demand draft (if you haven’t made the payment online), proof of existing PAN, proof of identity, address and date of birth as specified in the application. Once the acknowledgment slip is delivered at the NSDL office, your request will be processed and approved. The duplicate PAN card will be dispatched to your communication address as mentioned in the form.

Source:- timesnownews